2023 ,let’s TOCARETHER!

Q: Am I got a cheaper price if just buy one or two pieces cargo?

A: TOCARETHER set a reasonable MOQ /EOQ for different items and we suggest you could go and check with your local pharmacy store, why? They have local after sales! That’s more convenience for user like you.

Q: Could we have samples before ordering?

A: Warmly welcome models confirming and quality testing before mass processing and cooperate.

Q: Does TOCARETHER accept clients’ ideas on products?

A: TOCARETHER processing products by 5 lathes, 8 punching machines, stable materials supply chain, and an experienced production line Product assembly and operations including training is led by Peoples with disabilities funder-tending to the need & providing feedback on developed products to assembling of the devices to training being provided to the new users.

Q: How do I become special in my market?

A: You mean models? Yes, every season we invest new model to solve clients headache, like: save up packing size, enhance function, packing ideas, they cost pretty penny and you winning pretty money. As we tell most of our new clients, we don’t want your ideas, but your problems!

Q: Is therapy equipment still a good business?

A:Rise in the prevalence of different chronic health disorders among people from across the globe and increase in older population globally are some of crucial reasons that have resulted into surge in the demand for rehabilitation services and associated equipment. Hence, rise in the demand for these equipment from varied end-users such as hospitals, clinics, home care settings, rehabilitation centers, and physiotherapy centers is generating lucrative avenues in the rehabilitation equipment market.

Q: Could we become your products exclusive agent?

A: We will sign up NDA Agreement and Dealer Qualification From.

Q: Does packing including spare parts?

A: Different products have different accessories enclosed.

Q: Do you charge fees for payments or wire transfers?

A: NO.

Q: SO.... I Still not get what you specialise in?

A: We are process and offer treatment furniture and mobility assist aids.... The one assist you meeting the market The one with experience in design, processing for clients need and request We can make your competitors brands disappear. “wink face”

Q: Can I see more specific work or cases?

A: Sometimes it’s hard to constantly update our works on our main website. Feel free to contact us and request an online meeting

Q:I am looking for a product which you do not sell on your website. Can you order it for me?

We would be glad to assist you with any product we do not currently sell on our website. You may send us the item you require through WhatsApp on +971585723939 or via email on info@theabcboutique.com and we will do our best to arrange the item for you.